Exciting New FYBO 2018 Improvements

The last couple of years of FYBO have been tough on several fronts.  Propagation has been a big one followed closely by lack of maintenance.  That has changed forever beginning this year!  We are now a part of Diz’s (W8DIZ) QRP Contest log entry and scoring website. You can now enter your summary online at http://www.QRPContest.com and see your score included with everyone else.  No waiting.  No fuss.  No more suspense and hand-wringing!  It has been checked with submittals from previous years and all were correctly calculated and displayed!  You can enter your soapbox comments right on the form and even include a link to pictures if you want.  The entry site is live and please feel free to head over to take a look and try it out. 

There are a few changes in the rules and where to find the scoring website. Be sure to click on the FYBO tab on this site or on the FYBO section of QRP Contest (http://www.qrpcontest.com) to take a quick look. 

A huge THANKS to Diz and to Mike K7DD for making the effort to get things back on track!  We hope you will find the time to join us on the aire Saturday, February 3, for FYBO 2018!

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