FYBO2020 Saturday February 1, 2020 and Other Musings…

Freeze Your Buns Off time once again!  All contacts count in these times of substandard propagation!  Sames rules as last year.  Make it work!  The Autolog has been updated for 2020 and appears to be working.  The link to the FYBO2020 entry site is http://www.QRPContest.com and scroll down for FYBO2020.  Previous years results are also available at this link.

Grab up your radio go-bag and set up somewhere in the field for best effects! Yeah.  The field can be your back porch or yard.  This doesn’t have to be an ordeal.  String up some sort of portable ant and use batteries for max points even in the back yard. Avoid the dreaded Home Category where everything is only a multiplier of 1.  Above all, have fun and stay safe if you are going to operate in seriously cold weather.

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