ScQRPion FYBO Activities

Mike (K7DD) is headed for the great outdoors again this year.  So, get those batteries on charge, check the gear out and let’s have some fun in the outdoors!

This year NQ7RP and maybe NQ7RP/5 will both be active and it can double your chances of getting the bonus points for your score! 

I’ll be manning the NQ7RP station (probably at White Tanks Park) with my trusty KX3, a DSW40, Maybe a DSW20 or my QCX20 and play with the gear a bit to see how it all compares.

After selling off my Kenwood TS2000 to get my Flex6300, I ended up missing the VHF/UHF capability and found another one but this one is an X model so now I have 1.2Ghz. I may even take it to the park just because. It doesn’t draw much more than the KX3 in RX and does 5W just fine. 

Antennas are still up in the air, (pun intended) but most likely will be a 40 or 80 M end fed or just the PAR triband end fed. If I have the means to make it happen I might use my Tripod and a full size 1/4 wave whip for 20M. 

If anyone would like to join me and get some on the air time, please feel free to come on out!  I usually bring enough food for a small army just in case.

You can Google “White Tanks Recreation Area and Park” and it will give you info about the Park and how to get there. I should be back in AREA 4 just to the right hand side of the restrooms.  Nice ramadas for shade (and yes you sometimes need that in Arizona in the Winter).  ICBMs to this map location:

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